Hello dear earthlings,
This is Arivanandan speaking,
How are you doing?
What are you eating?
Nice weather we’re having.

Retirement plans any?
The cash flow steady?
Enough to get the masks ready?
To host the fake ceremony?

Masked with sorrow hiders,
That could hide air-liners,
Watching the thrones exude fineness,
For the one-day-highness.


Greetings aliens,
Come to watch the strangulation,
The onstage secret altercation?
Or did the food draw you, relation?
Well, stay behind for the felicitations.

The ceremony in fire signifies desecration and hell?
Just put some water and make a gratification of a well,
To mark the beginning of pacification and lull,
Never-mind no-one is watching – it’s ever so dull.

Twenty years of horn blowing – all over,
Two people found a new glower,
Just spent fund beyond their shoulder
can carry – now they’re older.

Not just yet – wait – someone’s here to carry the boulder,
So – for those whom the ceremony was hosted could see a toddler,
No problem if there is no food in the larder,
We both have to just try a little harder.


Tell me oh illustrious ETs,
I’m sure I’m right,
But I don’t fit tight,
I’m looking for light,
But all I see is blight.

I wonder if I’m at the wrong place,
Or maybe it’s just the wrong time,
I’m so done here – I’m wrung out,
Outta juice – adios – ring time-out.


Got Beat

Glinting little things we used to be,
Eyes squinted at every little thing we see,
Curiosity always getting the better of us,
Never thinking what others have to say of us,
Thus a time of unmatched happiness,
Then it was only simple action,
Now ‘Pondering’ leads the faction.

We got to actually do stuff then,
Now we think about what we’ve done,
And what we are to get done,
Debating human’s new cognitive ability,
That’s suppressing all other sensibility,
Shouldn’t we quench the animal urge,
But our society teaches us to purge,
Empty thy mind of spontaneous action,
Ponder it’s consequences till you lose direction.

Think think think,
Stayput, Sitdown, Walkstraight, Stoptalking, Noquestioning –
These are the rules that put humanity down,
Uniformity is the talk of the town,
Groomed to fear adventures,
Barred to an utilitarian existence, 
People have forgotten the spirit that existed,
Lost all energy for rebellion,
Reduced to a few billion feeding their belly and-
The fading sparks of the flame exists,
Only history speaks of such uprisings,
Such things seek your careful appraisal,
We have no time for history,
We have no spirit for living.

Divine Grace

Phrases never come easy,
Pull em in,
They may be a little sleazy,
Seek em out,
Teasing from a distance.
Jeering us,
Rarely getting trapped,
They go untapped,
At times they come,
If mind’s buzzed,
But mine’s gushed,
Hence they burst,
They leap to reach,
But here’s nothing to breach,
Broken stronghold holds no gold,
Everything’s dangling and old,
Nothing here to loot,
They leave.

As scripts trace parabolas –
Elegant fall to the bin,
Scheming bastards –
Escape my reach,
Divine they are,
Graced my dull brain,
Greased it up,
Camped inside,
When meh’s in full force,
The ignition spark,
Broke them dykes,
An ephemeral epiphany,
Laid a fleeting blessing,
Jazzed up a bit,
Then deserts –
Leaves brain to dust,
Craving lust,
The mind goes thirst,
To oil away the dust,
The spirit entered unjust,
Left in a gust,

Hopes gather for another show,
Folks that’re just show shallow,
Another oiling must,
The cranking gears yearn,
But we learn –
We’ve been had,
Faint taint of what cannot be sustained,
Know now shouldn’t have had it first,
The short shot,
The brief gust,
We reel from the deal,
The zeal from us peeled,
Inability shoots down,
Sends us wandering alone,
In search of divinity,
An endless quest – a saga,
Paddling through mush –
Dead grey matter lush,
Dreadful journeys further drain,
Unable to gain a grain,
Creativity bled to drain,
Bleeding right from the brain,
Colorless – grows numb,
Renders artist dumb.

Wandering vagabond quenching wanderlust,
Tattered clothes unkempt hair,
Bloody face violent glare,
Drugs in wares,
Bugs in lair,
Shrugs with flair,
Seeking to grab grace again,
To be blessed with gain,
Attain fulfillment again,
Inspiration in desperation,
A slight levitation,
Brief sleep from grief,
The fleeting float again,
Joy of creation,
Elevation of innovation,
Cometh from no else where but recognition,
Lies else no where but fame.