Watch Strapped

Why is everything time-bound?
The Earth going round-and-round,
Holds so much significance on what ground?
Why practise something that creates nothing,
but stress and strain,
pressure and pain?
Deadlines and dates disallow bedlyin and late.
What gets to me most though is – people telling me what time this is,
What it is for.
From the break of dawn, the time for hunting
Because there weren’t reliable light sources back there,
In the stone age and the feudal age,
Time for this, time for that,
Morning loo time, Bath then breakfast,
Lunch then dinner,
Though we don’t hunger,
Night’s always for naps,
Even if you could run twenty laps,
Tired or no tired,
That doesn’t matter, Why’re we there, where centuries ago we were;
some still following their animal instincts, I guess.
Eight to five jobs, Ten to five naps.
Why deny reason,
Adhere to time instead?
Time to retire, time to get married, time to shit, shave and eat.
And festivals! Time to shop – buy clothes, when there’s no fucking need for those.
Some of these are with reason,
ignoring heritage is considered treason,
but there has been changes in season,
people just glisten,
within their prison,
bound like a bison,
ignorance is bliss then,
they just don’t listen,
they just don’t reason.