Temptatious Fallacies

Desire is a strange thing
It purloins the mind
Sprawls upon its entirety
But leaves upon contact
Evaporates upon attainment
Grows upon restraint

Its strange that it never seeks fulfillment
The flames seek no dousing
They leech for growth
Subside a  little when space they lack
Growl devilishly in an idle mind

Unconventional that they possess the mind
But seek no witch or doctor to detoxify
Myriad times a day little big thoughts
Litter the mind of the longing and desire
That die when sated leaving the room
Hollow to bellow at the gallows

Eerie in it that such raging flames
Do not want to die but be kept alive
As it purports deadly damage and death
Keep at bay the desire to fulfill the desire
It throws with fervor
Upon throes of attainment
Tainted in tatters
The controller left taut and gaunt

Dangerous as is to take it or leave it
Desire quenches desire don’t let it dull
Ration out desire when it lulls
But never let it overpower don’t let it fill to full.