Tilting Scales

Goading groovies,
Dancing drunkies
Immaculate immaturities
Freeloading frigsters
Juvenile junkies
Funky fruitloopers
Dang druggies
Neat naturelovers
Constipated constitutionalists
Vagrant vegetarians
Vigorous villains
Empathetic exiles
Glorious goons
Engorged entrepreneurs
Lustrous lenders
Gluttonous gloomies
Dexterous devastators
Brash brawlers
Prosperous protestors
Bust borrowers
Gleeful gapers
Devious dealers
Litter this bitter world
Every degree of bad is necessary
To understand every degree of good
So never question anyone’s existence
Bless all the bloom of the illustrious
Glace all the grace of unworthies.