Lackadasical Achromatism

The streets were bathed in yellow light
A rare twinkling amber sight
Accentuation the pinks, highlighting the blues
All other hues were lost in a fazy blur
Click click click click the hair clip went
Two hands working furiously mindlessly

The clouds seemed solid as ships
Floating through the wind, riding on the last rays
The canoes painted exotic colors adorned one side
The ship a royal dark blue on the other fit for Zeus’s ride
Strangely though the canoes in sizes varying
Seemed stacked upon each other in a loose wall
Through a ravine was visible a blue
A crystal clear contrasting brilliant blue
Everything was lost but the wish to look past the blue
Into the divine radiance in search of the promised land
Click click the clip flipped, clicked, flipped and clicked
Simple single hand operation slowly mindlessly

The colors were fast fading into a dull brick red
Mind awash with fresh colors sight was no longer a burden
Seeing and knowing became a seamless tandem
The housing complex opposite has a balcony in the side
The check-post below has a window and a noticeboard
The solitary home behind has a window air conditioner
The clip earlier lifted off the ground
Lay securely in the depths of a clothing pocket
Clicked no more furiously mindlessly

The last light faded into obscurity
As the lighthouse illuminates and disappears
The moment’s brilliance vanished
The sulky sky filled with a dark foreboding
A silhouetted tree swayed it’s way, the only attraction in play
The hair clip is dug out from the depths of its place

Not knowing who the clip belongs to brings magical allure
The same mysterious trickly treat nature springs
The hair clip is put back in it’s Earthly place
Knowing that nature cannot be controlled or captured
Only felt and re-lived
Sleep beckons timidly tiredly
Elated knowing everything is in place.


Rain fell Brain

Rain, one thing that never fails to hit my brain,
Sending it into a whirl, spewing grains of thoughts,

For a moment I lose the makings, making me insane,
Ever so slightly I fall forward, my eyes strain to drain,

It passes as the cold wind hits and I think, I’m ready to be slain,
Without protest, however grotesque, this calm is arcane,

Makes me numb, believe ’tis providence and I’ve been saved,
Trees so much greener with the dusk showers, the sunlight faint,

Amazing what something does, something so plain,
Fuck this, call the cab, I have to catch a plane.