Cheerio Phoney

Don’t you realize I wanna get away from you
I don’t care if it’s just a mile or two

I see a smoky hill top
I just wanna slingshot
My ass to the top
To the volcano though it’s hot

Adios, pweeeee~

Don’t you get tired of criticsing everything I say
Let me do something stupid and let me pay
but let me play or be gay

Hey look at that place
It’s got no streetlights
But the night’s so bright
So sleep tight
I’m going hiking and sightseeing
These insects are everywhere and I’m all alone
It’s scary – hello
Oh hey hello stranger wanna ride by my side

Come on bud zzzztt~

Don’t you realize that everybody hates you
Do this grab a slate and list the reasons just a few

Let’s sit down and talk not just bang the walls
You wanna know what’s wrong let’s take a walk

But.. but… why, we can just pretend it’s alright

Oh ok it’s alright.


Evanescent Fay

There was this shortgirl
Who did this twirl
Put me in a fairytale
Had me sail
In calm foamy waters
Misty, dreams where I got her

I started following her with my eyes
Real shy
Following her from her arrival at eight

I turned for a second
Someone had me beckoned
It was really weird
She disappeared

Descrying Antithesi Doppelganger

Smokey shafts, faded and grey spit out clouds liberated
Energize me, accelerate the smoke
Tiny red balls streak past weary doe eyes
Fountainhead of the blackholic vortex pulls together indiscriminately
Engulf me let me ride the meandering stream to pit bottom
Left behind with a yearning after the electric blue trail of rememberance
A longing like an itch, a ripple atop the ephemeral waves of the sea
Deposited with an inexplicable sense of nostalgic belonging
An opulence doled out only by the silk satin sheets fluffy feathery pillows of home
Lost in reverence to the being behind the shining white light
Bowed in gratitude for the sweet sounds and temporary severance
For the uprooting and peaceful shift through the chaotic storm
Trapped forever outside this elusive illusion until I reach my inevitable salvation
Lift me up and show me the winds, I’ll sprout my wings and fly