A Simple Man

I am but a simple man
My wishes and needs are small indeed
I fall in love with strokes of the pen
And swipes of the brush
And the char of the pencil
Words and pictures are tangible
They are a swiveling masses of blankness
They turn and turn, and turn and turn as we look on and on, and on and on
Finally they break into us
These little collection of letters
Or that set of lines
Or those shades of colors
They are now what we want to see
They are us and become a part of us

But men and emotions are a bottomless pit,
They are dark and deep,
And their layers are numerous indeed,
Uncover one and then another and then another,
They are swirls of mystery behind tempered masks
What do they hide behind I do not know, for I am but a simple man
But this I add for the same reason as that
Unfathomable are their deceits,
Unjudgeable their intents,
Undeniable our follies,
For we too are they,
They too are us


One and Done

We are all part of this greater whole
Until the bells toll
We can deny it’s existence
And crave independence
But until our story is completely told
And our bodies are cold
Here we are right?
We might as well try…
Here take my shoulder and lean
Let me see your eyes gleam

Forgotten Fires

A shallow mire pulls
A cry so dire is hushed
For words are futile
And sounds meaningless
A shadow falls on the muck
It twists and trembles
Because the fire is dying
The fire of the soul
The shallow mire is encroached
By shadows and innate green glows
Juices fleeing its mouth
Inexplicable sorrow skins
The wretched creature as if
Sorrow’s all it has known
Painfully grates the flesh
And makes it as if
Pain is all the creature has borne
Soaks the bones in acid and
Spits out the spirit
The broken creature lies
Unable to resist, motionless
On the bloodied sands
A fire burns crackling beside
In its eyes the fire dances wildly
The creature reaches out weakly
The fire springs and spurts
It slowly enshrouds and
Gently turns the creature over
And lifts it by the middle
The creature floats above
Hands and feet hanging loosely
Head nodding gravely
It’s put tall on its feet
And with a clink
Everything becomes alright
The creature walks not wretched anymore
And the fire is forgotten.