Lid My Eyes

Beyond the light thrown back at us
Of ourselves and our sight shown bare to us
Behind her shield of the docile glasses
Glazed over grey eyes that’ve seen everything turn to ashes
Her ringing laughter expands a few noughts below
A melancholy melody that flutters right through the soul
But her eyes steadily drill and blaze, smirking in spiteful distaste
Their bloody red sings a sorrowful bard’s tale
Of lost love and chemically induced midnight haze
The world’s held in mesmerizing steadfast gaze

For an instant a portal opens, a bleeding hook drags me in
Where blood pours and my cells weep out of my skin
Her world of bloodthirsty crows and dark brooding skies
Murdering everything in its pitiful plague of lies

In one passing gaze of a stifled scream
The entire horror of it is revealed
It seems so kind so friendly and kind
But oh how horribly wrong, the bloodcurdling dream!
There’s nothing more she’d like than to rewind time
Bend it right down to the zero line
When the eyes glinted a fine radiant blue
Warming others in it’s ever-loving glow
Where our eyes are stone dead no more
Because in that moment I heard her singular scream
“Before I bleed out and die, can you lid my eye
Can you lid my eye, lead me out of this lie”