Last Day

The cases lie packed and stacked
The bags are all zipped and decked
Sunlight peeks and restlessness stalls
The wake up call slowly shrills
Sullenly you brush, you eat
And observe your feet

Not a word is spoken
But thoughts are thought
Untoward but not for naght
They run and run but you still forget
Something important, someone loved

Words are read but they lay dead
A glance lingers on the empty glass
Music plays but the mind’s bled
The night before and the day throughout

The last walk is walked and the last drink is drunk
Familiar sights and their scents are drawn
Nothing will be remembered tomorrow day
But all can be hoped is for today to fade
Into a million brimming celestial shades
So you can look back tomorrow and
Not see the grays
But be in a land of colorful faes
And joy-filled blissful days.


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