Friday Night Live

A familiar nothingness opens up across the head
And spreads through, echoing between the eternity
Fingers pulsate, tap and claw at dead nothings
Heads nod, wobble, as the notes send relentless ripples
That splits the black into a thousand vibrant rainbow hues
Shining the dying, glowing the waning, beaming and gleaming
The body floats as the spirit, thorough and weightless.

Strangers met in a dark misty haze, send waves
Sitting across, lost in a smokey, watery daze
The strings of a sweet guitar, bent and tortured
Sings a slow, rhythmic tale of fleeting beats
I the lazy listener, I the lost , I the weightless
Sneak a peek, piqued at the sounds he makes
Noticing he’s lost in it too, the overwhelming sound
of reverberating silence.

Shedding the mask, once every week,
Friday come, adorned with smiles and sweets
Brain pinched, strangeness drained, everyone is known
When in goes a sudden smitten of moonshine
Strikes the gut and makes thy rise into a blazing stage
Of insatiable needs and desires put out by fire alone
Oh sweet molten glaze, burn me too.