Grey Burr

There seemed to be a general state of unrest
I looked up, grey skies casted down gloom
My stomach rumbled from the full lunch the day
The roar of motors filled the dense air
Everyone hurried holding a strange face
The occasional weak breeze did nothing to lessen the stifling heat
People eating at street-side shops looked lunatic
Some  kids riding little bicycles hugged the edge of the street
They shielded their eyes from the whirls of dust
My stomach churned and I would have puked
I had to reach the clothesline before the streets got empty
Men hung around huddled loosely before the faded yellow shades
I passed by the place where I ate daily
The television picked up nothing but static
I turned a corner and reached my place
I clobbered up half a hundred stairs and beheld the big tree
Swaying gently in the slight breeze with the softest colors
I turned around to the clothesline and
A spot of water hit my glasses


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