Coal Mine Diamonds

The first time a tune befalls your ears
The magical ringing entraps your being
The light of a beautiful piece of art bears
Its benevolent presence before your seeing

The spark that sets off the blazing embers
That set a’shimmer the searing coals
When you see a personage of calibre
The very first time, the epiphanic dole.

You observe diamonds in a distance
Tasteful, hasty, for a mouthful
You seek a fill of the supposed quintessence
Time and again you leave joyful.

The scenery condenses as the eyes adjust
The fizzling of the epitome is trite
The banal blows out amidst the subsiding gust
The eye of it reveals a familiar sight, a clock so bright.

The pursual beyond the prima high
Beyond the horizon of the mystification
Oft leaves one disappointed and dry
For inscrutability holds the crux of attraction
Yet another paradox of delight.